“I feel free to try anything and everything …“

Daniella Midenge is a swedish born Photographer, Director and Mixed Media Artist and have been cooperating with SLY010 since the early beginning of the brand and we call her our visual brand builder.

Her unique photographic eye for beauty and the female shape has earned her international renown with the world as her workspace and her own creative studio in Hollywood Hills. Despite the move from Berlin 4 years ago we have stayed inseparetable collaborators.

Lately her self-portraits has reached a new level and the Film “DANIELLA LA LAND” was created for SLY010 in her home in Los Angeles as a first off directed by and featuring herself.

Daniella, you moved from Berlin to California, Los Angeles. How did the move effect your work as a photographer and personal life?
Its been a tremendous change. The expression “Sky is the limit” in the USA is true. Say what you want about the american government but people do know how to be limitless in what they want to achive and of course that has influenced me too in how I go about things. I feel free to try anything and everything and to reach out to clients I only would have dreamed of before. Its quite liberating. My personal life is very exciting but it is exacly that – personal.

Please describe the difference between the work in both cities?
In LA I have access to incredible locations and impeccable light all year around. It gives me freedom to work on personal projects on another level. I can wake up in the morning and shoot an art project spontaneously in the backyard. In Berlin I would have needed to rent a studio, get a couple assistants, set up artificial lights, maybe flown in a model, plan it all out in advance …

Your carrier is diverse as you worked as a paint restorator, art director, retoucher, hair and make up artist and model. How did this lead to photography?
I think everything merges in a creatives world. I am doing interior design now as well and want to learn how to edit film. There are plenty of ways for Beauty to come to life! As you know I sometimes do the hair and make up for my shoots or put myself infront of the camera, I’m also happy if the hair stylist wants to grab my camera if he sees something I dont, I dont care who does what I just want to make beautiful and interesting imagery. Can I design a collection for SLY010?!

“L.A. gives me freedom to work on personal projects on another level“

You have taken nude pictures of many of the most beautiful girls. How do you convince them to take their clothes off?
I dont need to convince them, a lot of times they come to me. If you have a good body of work – no pound intended – in that direction you have an instant trust. Its also an art itself to make models relax and feel like you’ve know eachother for years. Only in a relaxed environment with lots of humor can a real excellent nude photo come to life.

You started working more intense a director for short films projects. Are you planning to expand this direction?
Yes, LA has pushed me into this direction as this city is built around film. The fashion- and beauty world wants to see more and more moving image now and I am a supporter of that. Its something more real about not being able to retouch or modify to the same extent, we need that after the Instagram storm. Also, because its three-dimensional there is more opertunity for a true narrative. I was playing around with films a lot in my teenage but when when I started photography the mediums didnt go hand in hand. I really have been enjoying this new form of expression but wow it truly is a much longer process and commitment than photos.

We worked together the first time in 2012 and from there on contiously. Do you have a favourite SLY010 photo shot and why?
My favorite shoot we did is when we shot Eva Dolezalova the second time around as she is a dear friend of mine but also an incredible model and performer. Its fun to work with a creative model, double impact! The coolest image is when she was smoking a cigarette with her foot in one of the amazing furs, however it of course wasn’t used for the campaign!

Dear Daniella, thank you very much for the interview!