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Cadie Bag medium

"The Iconic SLY010 Cadie Bag in fashionable suede leather. The practicable ziplocked middle compartment is the perfect place for important stuff. The size is perfect for daily business and offer enough space for everything is necessary. The Signature leather node and the straps are made of finest nappa leather.
Excellent suede leather, manufactured in the best Italian studios and with a luxury signature. Golden brushed details and hand painted edges compliment the expensive appearance. The handcrafted process and the fine materials create a lovely, favourite piece ‘made in Italy’ which you will love.

-This bag comes with a nylon strap with leather appliqué.- Medium-sized

  • Ziplocked middle compartment
  • Detail of leather strips and carabiner
  • Hand painted edges
  • Embossed SLY010-logo
  • Golden brushed details
  • Handmade in Italy"

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